Why Choose Lease IT?



Fast and Easy Approval

Lease IT has a simple application process, unlike general banks. Therefore, we can approve loans faster and finance more in time to keep up with our customers’ needs. You will be able to expect approval within just three days after submitting the completed documents.


We Understand Our Customers

We understand that many SMEs face obstacles in obtaining loans from bank institutions. For those who cannot obtain bank loans for reasons such as the new operation of a business or poor credit, Lease IT is here to help. We are flexible and will work with you to provide the sufficient credit line you need to expand your business.


Reliable Legal Business

Lease IT Public Company Limited operates as a non-bank loan company and is listed in The Stock Exchange of Thailand – mai (The Market for Alternative Investment). Therefore, you can trust our services to be risk-free and safer than illegitimate lenders outside the law (loan sharks).


No Collateral

Our customers do not need to have collateral to apply for a loan with Lease IT. Collateral is property or assets offered by a borrower to obtain a loan that can be seized by the lender if there is a default in payment. However, as long as you have the capability to do business, we are ready to support you.


Professional and Transparent

Our Lease IT team is committed to providing sincere services and delivering them with transparency. With more than 14 years of experience supporting SMEs, you can count on us to guarantee professional financial advice with no additional or hidden fees.


Comprehensive Variety of Products

At Lease IT, we offer a full range of financial products to support you from the beginning to end of a project. These products span from loans to provide guarantee for government auctions (Bid Bond), loans to support the project (Project Backup Finance) and the purchase of accounts receivable (Factoring) to other financial services such as Leasing, Hire Purchase, Letter of Credit, and Supplier Finance.


Awards & Recognition