How We Started 

Lease IT Company Limited was incorporated on 25 August 2006. Initially, the business objective was to support the trade of the SVOA group. It acted as the financial company (Financial Arm) of SVOA that provided loans, financial leases (Leasing), and loan purchase agreements (Hire Purchase) by targeting customers who were previously suppliers to the SVOA group. Existing customers of SVOA’s products could use accounts receivable financing (Factoring) to generate working capital.

Our Development

Because SVOA’s original focus was only on a few market products, Lease IT turned to the financing of goods outside the SVOA group as well as the expansion of credit facility beyond IT. IT became only 20% of our business while we introduced many new products to our customers including Project Backup Finance, Letter of Credit, Bid Bond, and Supplier Finance Program.

Lease IT Today

Today, we have turned our focus to serve and finance SMEs and want them to reach a source of funds without the need to turn towards loan sharks. For SMEs that may not be able to obtain a loan from financial institutions, they can still come to us and we will be happy to assist with our standard financial practices and fast services. We aim to be the solution for our customers to help them with their business growth and success, ultimately becoming their true financial partner. 


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