Driving business for sustainability

        1. Sustainable Management Policy and Goals

                  The Company has set the sustainability direction in 3 main dimensions under the framework of the implementation of good corporate governance as follows:


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1.    Economy

       Encourage Thailand’s Economic by supporting SMEs to access source of fund systematically

       The Company aims to be a non-financial source of alternative fund for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) which cannot access to source of funds, not being supported by financial institutions even that those SMEs have potential to grow. Such businesses normally require funding outside the system (loan shark) which is a barrier to succeed the Company’s goals in long term.

         a.      Product Innovation for SME

The Company considers developing a variety of financial services to provide total financial solutions especially for SMEs in order that SMEs can grow in accordance with their true capability.

         b.      True Financial Partner

The Company always supports SME side by side and gives them financial advice on funding source in accordance with our core mission to enhance the relationship between the Company and SMEs customers as “True Financial Partner”.


2.      Social

         Develop strong society

         The Company gives importance to developing strong society according to good governance guideline so that the Company sets clear guidelines for executives and employees to conform as followings; Anticorruption, Human Right, Accounting operations, Fair labor practices, Health and safety in the work environment, fair business operation and responsibility for business partners, breaches and supply chain management


3.    Environment

       The current environmental problems which tend to be more serious. As a part of mitigation or impact arising from Human actions, either directly or indirectly. The Company and employees have created a consciousness to protect the world, protect the environment. It is believed that the small dots, when combined together, constitute a group and the power to reduce or mitigate pollution.


        2. Value Chain

                   In the business of the Company, There are main activities and stakeholders involved in the process as follows:






3. Materiality Identification

                   3.1  The Company considers the organization strategy and the impact on stakeholders. By connecting with internal and external stakeholders as follow

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                     3.2 Prioritization of Material Aspect

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